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More than just an experienced, family-owned company, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions succeeds above and beyond in the foundation repair industry. All customers continue to experience the benefits of affordable, professional, and award-winning OFS care. Contact us for a free, on-site evaluation and receive the following benefits. 

Fast Response Times

Whether it is a home out in the country, a commercial property in Oklahoma City, or anywhere between, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions' response times are the best in the industry. OFS does not use answering services or sales representatives, delaying attention to customers' needs. Instead, OFS owners directly address each call, form, and e-mail submitted.

Customers receive genuine on-site evaluations within days and sometimes hours. Evaluations are even available on weekends to accommodate customers. OFS provides flexible scheduling--working on the customer's schedule, not the other way around. It is a consistent aspect of OFS's complete customer care.

Co-Owner Noah Zuhdi

Neat and Professional Finishes

Appearance Immediately After OFS's Finished Job

While our initial responses times are fast and flexible, it is our consistently premium quality work through the finish that sets Oklahoma Foundation Solutions apart. Residential and commercial buildings are structures people take pride in--they do not have to look like construction zones. OFS ensures customers are not only secure, but look and feel secure, too.

For all applicable job sites, the grounds are carefully tamped. If caulking and remortaring is needed, they are matched to the existing wall. Sites are power-washed as needed. Cosmetically, it is our aim for customers' homes and buildings to look as if they were never in any danger in the first place. We are removing problems, not adding to them.

 Family-Owned, Local Care 

First class, customer care is a hallmark of OFS. Customers are considered a part of the OFS family. We are based in Oklahoma, employ Oklahomans, and utilize Oklahoma manufactured parts in giving you the most efficient service. The efficiency is passed onto you in both time and money saved.

We recognize how critical it is to attend to your needs. Using our 24-hour a day availablity, customers will be promptly contacted by one of our owners. Every customer can expect a quality consultation within a day’s time and immediately schedule a professional, on-site evaluation absolutely free of charge. The genuine evaluation will be precise, too. OFS does not undersell and ignore problems to win favor, nor does OFS upsell a customer on materials they do not need. Winners of Angie's List Super Service Award, OFS is a foundation repair company to trust.

 Innovative Techniques 

The OFS Advantage extends beyond superior customer care, though. OFS co-founder Charles Dowlearn has been pioneering new technologies and solutions in the foundation repair industry. The processes are outfitted specifically for Oklahoma’s unique soil and potential issues.

OFS’s patent-pending techniques can penetrate and delve approximately 20% deeper than other companies, further securing your structure now and in the future. The Perforation Point Process allows OFS piers to penetrate deeper into the Oklahoma soil and secure it.

The Perforation Point Process is designed especially for Oklahoma soil.  It is designed to pierce clay and sandstone to reach load-bearing strata, providing a deeper and stronger base to support your biggest investments.

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