Concrete Foundation Repair Oklahoma City, OK

Your concrete foundation is critical for the stability of your Oklahoma home. Any concrete foundation problems can lead to serious issues for your entire home. Whether you are a prospective buyer or a current homeowner, concrete foundation issues are concerning. Luckily, the experts at Oklahoma Foundation Solutions have the expertise to assess and handle any concrete foundation repair you could possibly need. Read on to learn more about concrete foundation repair.

Signs of Concrete Foundation Damage

Checking your foundation regularly is important for catching any early signs of damage. It is natural for your foundation to settle over time, but there are some signs of foundation stress you should look out for. The signs of foundation damage include:

  • Cracked bricks.
  • Visibly cracked or broken foundation.
  • Wall rotation.
  • Displaced moldings.
  • Separation around the windows, walls, or garage door.
  • Uneven or cracked floors.
  • Cracked sheetrock.

If you notice any of the above, it is time to get your concrete foundation examined by the professionals at OK Foundation Solutions. The quicker you identify foundation damage, the easier, faster, and cheaper it is to repair.

Causes of Concrete Foundation Damage

There are many different reasons that your foundation will sustain damage and require repair. Overall, water is the most common cause. Water impacts your foundation in many ways especially by changing the soil beneath it. Certain properties are more likely to sustain foundation damage including those that:

  • Have poor drainage near the foundation.
  • Experienced an earthquake, drought, or flood.
  • Have tree roots growing near the home.
  • Were built on expansive clay or improperly compacted fill soils.
  • Are in areas, like Oklahoma, with extreme season changes.
  • Had a plumbing leak below the home.

The factors above increase the likelihood of foundation settlement, which leads to structural damage, cracks, and tripping hazards. In the end, this kind of foundation damage will decrease your real estate value unless it is fixed. No matter what the cause is, you must find an expert who can address it and repair your concrete foundation.

Concrete Foundation Repair Expert

In most cases, your concrete foundation can be repaired. However, you should only trust a reputable company with the correct equipment, experience, and licensing for the job. Choosing the wrong company can lead to further damage and a huge disaster.

That’s where we come in.

OK Foundation Solutions is a team of foundation repair experts that you can trust with your concrete foundation repair. We are a local Oklahoma based company that services the entire state from Oklahoma City and Edmond to Norman, Yukon, El Reno, Choctaw, Shawnee, and beyond. No matter where you are in Oklahoma, you can count on us. We offer high-quality, affordable concrete foundation services to resolve your problems as well as unparalleled experience, credibility, and efficiency.

If you are concerned about your concrete foundation, do not wait for one second longer. The quicker you repair the issue, the better off your entire home will be. One of our knowledgeable team members will assess your foundation and determine the best repair method. To learn more about our concrete repair services or to schedule your free consultation.

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