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Securing Your Investment

Closing Dates Are No Longer in Question with OFS

Call (405) 331-7171 Any Day of the Week

TRR Is Hassle-Free with OFS

Oklahoma Foundation Solutions (OFS) was founded with the customer in mind. Whether it is the fast response time or the genuine responses from our owners and experts, we built the structure of this company to make customers feel secure on every level. Our integrity will be apparent every step of the way.

Moreover, our relationship with investors and realtors is second to none. Co-founded by a real estate investor, OFS empathizes with the goals and desires of those looking to make sure a house and a deal are on solid ground. There is nothing more frustrating than having to delay the closing date because the seller is unable to complete the necessary repairs in time. We can get it done before the closing date.

If a home inspector flags a house for foundations issues, OFS will solve those issues before the Closing Date in an affordable way.

Investors and realtors can be assured that they are not just another customer in a backlogged and crowded calendar. OFS has a well-developed and streamlined plan to alleviate pressures and uncertainty. Through our work, we take the guesswork out of all home sales. Investors and realtors can expect the following with an OFS commitment:

  • Genuine estimates and evaluations - OFS does not upsell and will recommend necessary and efficient amounts of piers only.

  • "Payment at closing" available - The seller does not have to endure more out of pocket expenses before the Closing Date.

  • A lifetime transferable warranty - Future homeowners can feel at ease knowing that our work is guaranteed before and after sales.

  • Minimal lawn and landscape modifications - OFS cares and will complete the job without leaving landscaping repairs to the customer afterward. Each job includes tamping of the grounds and precise matching of caulk and mortar if necessary.

  • Specialization - Charles Dowlearn, our co-founder, has specialized in working with realtors over his 36-year career in the foundation industry. Noah Zuhdi, our other co-founder, has extensive experience as an investor.

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