Pier and Beam Repair

Some Oklahoma buildings built on pier and beam foundations. One type of pier and beam foundation has a concrete beam around the perimeter, and one does now. Pier and beam foundations are also referred to as a crawl space. Your building rests on concrete footings that are balanced throughout. Unfortunately, like all other types of foundations, pier and beam foundations are subject to problems. If you notice any signs of damage, then you may need pier and beam foundation repair.

Pier and Beam Foundation Benefits

Pier and beam foundations have many benefits for buildings in OK. Some of the primary benefits that you can expect from a pier and beam foundation include:

  • Flexibility. It is easier to refurbish, renovate, and add on to your home with a pier and beam foundation.
  • Accessibility. Since pier and beam foundations offer a crawl space, you can easily access electricity and plumbing areas.
  • They are also easier to access for repair.
  • Affordable. Pier and beam foundations are typically less expensive than other foundations and basements.

Signs of Pier and Beam Foundation Damage

If your pier and beam foundation sustains any damage, then you must get it looked at by an expert as soon as possible. Some of the most common signs of damage include:

  • Sinking foundation
  • Doors and windows sticking
  • Leaning walls
  • Foundation facilitating
  • Cracked, bowed, or tilting walls
  • Leaning chimney

Sings of pier and beam foundation damage should be taken seriously and addressed immediately. Cracks can crow as your foundation continues to settle. The experts at Oklahoma Foundation Solutions examine your pier and beam and make any necessary corrections.

The Cost of Pier and Beam Repair

The cost of pier and beam repair in Oklahoma is well worth the investment and will save your home. We understand how important it is for Oklahoma homeowners to stick to their budgets and know the cost of repairs. That is why our experienced team at Ok Foundation Solutions is happy to assess your pier and beam foundation and provide a detailed estimate. Affordability is one of our key values, and we make sure to deliver fairly-priced services. The sooner you address any issues, the quicker and more affordable the pier and beam repair will be. Don’t wait until your pier and beam foundation is holding on by a thread to ask for help.

Best Pier and Beam Repair Services in OK

For the best pier and beam/ crawl space services, look no further than OFS. We are an Oklahoma owned and operated company that services the entire state of Oklahoma. No matter where you are in Oklahoma, our team can help. If your crawl space is in need of repair, we are ready to provide exemplary pier and beam repair services. Our team will come out and fully analyze the situation. We will then provide you with a detailed estimate and explain our recommendations. Finally, if you choose to work with us, we will deliver fast, affordable pier and beam repair to restore your foundation to its condition. Set up your pier and beam appointment today by contacting us HERE.

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