Crawl Space Repair Services in Oklahoma City

Professional Crawl Space Repair Services in Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma Foundation Solutions has the techniques, technology, and experience to repair and fortify structures with a crawl space. Our engineer-approved pier and beam system and variety of crawl space services vastly improve the structural stability of the home. No matter the foundation type, OFS can support you. Learn more about how we can help.

With a co-owner with over 35 years of experience and a professional crew who provide award-winning service, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC has the care and precision customers across the state trust with the complex issues of a crawl space.

The crawl space of your Oklahoma home is the point of access for many plumbing, ventilation, and electrical repairs for your house. The crawl space provides a place to access these areas for installation, repairs, and other maintenance services. Houses that have a crawl space have a pier and beam foundation. Over time, the supports used on a pier and beam foundation can settle or fail. Additionally, floor joists can become compromised if the span between the supports is too large. This can contribute to what many customers refer to as “sloped” or “uneven” floors. Inadequate support can also contribute to soft, spongy, or bouncy floors. If you suspect you need crawl space repair, then it is time to call the experts at Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC.

Signs of Crawl Space Damage

Inadequate crawl space support, wood rot, and a myriad of other issues can contribute to problems throughout the home. Some of the most common crawl space problems include the following:

  • “Sloped” or “uneven” floors.
  • A spongy or bouncy feeling when walking.
  • Slanted door facings.
  • Sheetrock cracks on ceilings and on interior walls.
  • Wood rot.

crawl space repairing oklahoma city

If you notice any of the structural issues described above, then your crawl space may be in need of repair. While you can assess the situation somewhat on your own, the only way to know for sure which type of repairs your crawl space needs is to consult the foundation repair experts at Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC.

Crawl Space Solutions

There are some crucial services that will help remediate your crawl space. OK Foundation Solutions performs all of the top crawl space services in Oklahoma, including:

  • Pier and Beam System: Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC utilizes an engineer approved pier and beam system that includes steel reinforced poured concrete bases.
  • Sill Plate Replacement/Repair: The sill plate is the bottom piece of the wall structure where wall studs are attached. If the sill plate becomes damaged or rotten then the house can experience “sloped” or “uneven” floors. Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC can repair or replace the sill plate in order to provide structural support.
  • Stem Wall Replacement/Repair: Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC has an engineer-approved system of installing steel-reinforced stem walls.
  • Miscellaneous Repair: Given the wide variety of issues that can arise in a crawl space, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC provides a variety of other crawl space services that address the structural integrity of the house.

After calling several companies and getting quotes for our new house, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions came in by far as the lowest priced. During installation they were courteous and answered a lot of questions that we had. When they were finished the owner came to inspect the work and there were no messes left for us to clean up. Would for sure recommend these guys to anyone needing Foundation Repairs!
-Michelle E., Google Business Reviews

Best Crawl Space Repair Company in Oklahoma City, OK

For the best crawl space repair in Oklahoma, look no further. As an Oklahoma owned and operated company that services the entire state, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC is here for all of your crawl space repair needs. We have vast experience with a wide variety of crawl space repairs, as well as the industry-leading expertise and services your house may need. Our dedicated experts will inspect your crawl space and create a customized repair plan to resolve any issues your home may have.

Advantages of Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC

  • Experienced – OFS’s Chief Technician has repaired homes and structures with slab foundations for over 35 years with increased specialization
  • Credible – Accredited and A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and approved by Home Advisor; Insured
  • Highly Rated – Perfect, 5-star rating and review average on Facebook, Google, Angie’s List, and Yelp
  • Effective – Efficient processes, precise bids, and no upselling provide the best pricing and results; structurally and cosmetically sound

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