Foundation Repair Cost


How Much Does A Foundation Repair Cost In Oklahoma City?

A specific figure on the cost to repair a foundation is difficult to quantify without knowing exactly what kinds of repairs you need for your particular situation. The size and the scope of work needed will directly determine the cost to fix foundation issues. Because of the variance in the scope of work impacting how expensive the job will be, there is no set or expected price for the exact cost of a typical repair job.

According to Home Guide, the national average cost of foundation repairs is $4,511, with a standard range between $2,318 and $6,750. The median cost of a foundation repair job is $3,600. More significant and/or labor-intensive repairs, like those requiring extensive beam work, a large amount of hydraulically-driven steel piers, etc.-may cost much more, from $10,000 to $15,000 or more. However, those prices are not an indicator of the repair costs for your specific home.

Get A Free Estimate

For the precise cost of your home or building’s potential repair cost, it is highly recommended to get it evaluated first before assuming the worst. Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC provides cost-free, obligation-free comprehensive estimates. If only monitoring is needed and no costs need to be incurred, then we will let you know. If more work is needed, then we will offer a fair, affordable price on the products and services needed.

To get to the bottom of what is needed, our highly trained inspectors conduct thorough evaluations over any area–interior and exterior–a customer requests. Looking for signs of settlement or movement that may suggest instability–cracks along brick or concrete, displacement of trim or freezeboards, separation gaps around doors or windows, etc.–Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC inspectors track and note items of concern. When needed, our subsequent evaluation reports come with a breakdown of observations and recommendations for the scope of work.

Foundation Problems Specific To The Oklahoma City Area

There are conditions in Oklahoma City and throughout the state that make foundation-related issues more common here than in other locations. Some displacement of foundations is not only common but expected in and around the Oklahoma City area because of the highly pliable or clay soils that are found in this region.

A common problem that occurs is differential movement of a foundation, which is a consequence of uneven movement of the soil beneath the foundation system. The primary causes of non-uniform or uneven soil movement include natural soil consolidation and variation of soil moisture content in the highly pliable soils, which can produce shrinking/swelling effects such as settlement and heave.

Why Choose Oklahoma Foundation Solutions. LLC?

With a vast variety of conditions, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC takes pride in evaluating each customer’s concerns in a timely manner and determining what is needed. When foundation repair is needed, it is the stabilizing effect of OFS, LLC’s engineer-approved processes that can protect against future movement. The primary intent of our services is to stabilize affected areas and make sure the areas of concern are structurally sound. At Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC, we perform each job in a workman-like manner and in accordance with industry standards. OFS, LLC takes pride in its professionalism and in its unmatched customer service.

At Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC, expect an accurate assessment of the issues and an honest estimate of the repairs if needed. If you’re having issues that you think may require foundation repair services in OKC and the metro area, trust us to give you sound advice. Give us a call today or schedule a consultation with us!