Precision and Professionalism in Foundation Repair

Precision and Professionalism in Foundation Repair
November 9, 2023

Through precise evaluations and better business practices, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions is becoming a leader and standard-bearer in the foundation repair industry.

From the moment OFS arrives at a customer’s property for a free estimate, the customer knows they are receiving a genuine evaluation. Looking at the feedback and reviews from customers, it is clear that OFS is going to produce a precise bid for what is needed for the property. No more and no less.

First, there is the issue of “no more.” With any service and repair industry, customers have to feel a serious sense of trust with the company. Unfortunately, there are times when a company will recommend more than what is needed, be it for extra security or to help offset costs and improve profits.

The OFS team is known for being straightforward. OFS pricing has been graded an A by their customers. Simply put–upselling is not an option. Customer Machell P. agrees through an Angie’s List review:

“This was the first company that did not try and sell me additional piers I did not need and was very reasonable. I watched the process and was amazed at how fast these guys could dig a hole that deep. They cleaned up the area very nicely and did not leave a mess.”

In fact, a significant amount of OFS estimates end with a recommendation for no additional work. If a home’s structure is not at risk and is in solid shape, OFS owners are going to let the customer know.

Still, just as important to a company as not charging extra is not underbidding to win the favor of the customer. Underbidding and underestimating the job puts the building’s structure at risk. Even worse, a company can underbid a project and then increase the price in the middle of the job. OFS believes in precise quotes/bids and professionalism above all else. Customer Amine E. writes:

“[OFS] quoted me for 14 piers…I had a structural engineer come out and tell me where the piers should go. The structural engineer reports matched the exact recommendation made by [OFS]. Job was done in one day, and they cleaned up after they were done.”

Ultimately, OFS commits itself to consistency with these precise bids. Customers know they are receiving complete care with the fast response times and bids personally given by OFS owners who understand what’s at stake for the homeowner and the company.