Neatness and Finishing Touches

Neatness and Finishing Touches
November 9, 2023

Oklahoma Foundation Solutions’ attention to detail shows a commitment to excellence both structurally and cosmetically.

Dirty walls, mismatched caulking, mounds of dirt, debris scattered around the property–are just some of the results of many foundation repair jobs. They have become tolerable because of the nature of the industry. The home has to become a construction zone to protect it in the end, right?

Oklahoma Foundation Solutions (OFS) does not believe that “it is what it is.” A foundation repair company should not solve one problem while leaving behind another, forcing the customer to clean up the mess. Some issues are unavoidable (there’s plenty of dirt to be dug when installing piers), but the finished product shows the carefulness and integrity of the steps up to that point.

The neat finish shows OFS’s professional and premium quality from start to finish. With the owners there at every site and experienced crew, OFS has put in place and enforced a system of complete care for the customers. It is a thorough plan to make sure the home is cosmetically sound as it is structurally. This includes tamped grounds, cleaning up debris, matched mortar and caulk, power washing when necessary, and yes, answering questions and requests from customers to ensure the home looks and feels better than before.

Fast response times and best pricing cater to the customer’s needs, but the finishing touches continue to impress. T Glover explained in a Google Business review:

“They arrived when they said they would, and you couldn’t tell I had had any work done on the foundation when they finished…replacing all the dirt back into the flower beds exactly as they found it. I would definitely use their company again.”

It has become a recurring them of OFS reviews, as Scott N. reiterates in another Google Business review:

“They didn’t need to meet me face to face to try to get me to sign a contract after waiting a week. They went out the day next day and gave me a bid, the best deal out of all the bids I received. They did great work at a reasonable price. They cleaned up so well I couldn’t tell they had even been there.”

Finally, Whitney D. sums all of OFS’s methodical deliberately careful measures in one more Google Business Review:

“Professional, efficient, affordable, and knowledgeable… Their team performed the necessary work in a very timely manner and kept us informed throughout the process. They were friendly and cleaned up after they were finished. Highly recommend Oklahoma Foundation Solutions!”

Ultimately, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions aims to leave a lasting comfort and contentment with the customer. When a customer looks at their home at the end of a day, they will know the attention to detail that was taken. They will know their home is protected now and, courtesy of the lifetime transferable warranty, for years to come.