Striving For Award-Winning Service

Striving For Award-Winning Service
November 9, 2023

Each year, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC (“OFS”) enhances both the structure of the home and the care for the customer. Providing the best foundation repair services is something continually sought after—from the opening, attentive response of the first call to the inspections that recommend only what is needed to the professional crew precisely repairing the property to the lifetime transferable warranty that comes with steel piers. OFS strives to take care of its customers—to put them first—from the beginning of the job to the completion of the job and beyond.

Each year, the methodical and careful processes of OFS have led to the addition of awards to a growing list of honors. Some awards and ratings are directly, intentionally attained. Going through a vetting process and providing proof of safety to industry-based organizations such as Home Advisor and the Better Business Bureau are wholly intentional. Earning and maintaining the trust of these organizations is a best practice. Showing the organizations the processes and the insurance and assurance involved—goes a long way towards staying transparent and integrous.

Ultimately, OFS earned and has continuously held onto the A+ rating from the BBB and the Approved seal from Home Advisor.

“The guys came out right on time as scheduled. They were fast and professional. All of them were friendly as well. We have a garden in our front yard. They made sure to A: not destroy it and B: totally put it back together once they were done. Sterling stayed after and caulked additional parts of the house, just to make sure they were solid and looked nice. Great human being. Excellent company to do business with, with exceptional service.”
-Riley M., Google Business Review

Still, many of the awards won are due more to the results of conducting business and foundation repair the right way. OFS puts the customers first and does everything in its power to make sure the customer is happy at the point of the job’s completion.

The input from company owners, the quick and courteous response from the office team, the inspectors who are present from estimate to beyond the end of the job, the professional crew installing the necessary materials at the site—all of these are factors in the formula to providing customer care at the highest of levels in the foundation repair industry. Every part of OFS is meticulously checking the quality of the work, and every part of OFS is available to listen to customers’ concerns. Yet, the customer knows that the inspector is still their primary point of contact and can go to the inspector with any issue regarding the job.

What gives the best results to customers and has driven OFS to be an industry leader and one of the best? Is it the neatness of the crew and their cleanup checklist? Is it the expertise of the owners and inspectors? Is it the caring and attentive office team that works diligently on scheduling and coordination? Yes. It’s all of that. The team mentality, the streamlined system, and the devotion to customer satisfaction have all led to accolades from Angie’s List (now Angi), Home Advisor, BBB, as well as top ratings from Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

“I had heard that OK Foundation Solutions worked with basements and did good work, so I asked them to look at my 88 year old father’s 90 year old basement in NW Oklahoma that had some severe rot problems with the framing between the basement and the first floor. Not only did they fix everything, and completely please my father, but I could not believe how affordable the charges were. Thanks again to the team at Oklahoma Foundation Solutions.”
-D.D., Google Business Review