Slab Foundation Repair: Interior Slab Cracks

Slab Foundation Repair: Interior Slab Cracks
November 9, 2023

Thousands of customers and homes have trusted Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC as their foundation repair authority and experts. Whether it be the crawlspace of a home in a historic district, stabilizing the structures of an apartment complex in OKC, or renovating an entire basement, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC (“OFS, LLC”) has had both the precision and versatility to take on the most complex projects. While the majority of the various foundation repair projects done by OFS, LLC involve using hydraulically-driven steel piers when it’s clear settlement and movement are affecting the exterior of the foundation—signs like cracked brick, cracked sheetrock, separation by doors and corners—it’s OFS, LLC’s versatility and professionalism that allows it to remedy issues with the inside, too.

When evaluating the interior, it is extremely important to note that most single-family, residential homes in Oklahoma are built similarly in that exterior footings and stem walls are poured first when first constructed. The interior concrete slab is then poured second. It is not a connected, monolithic pour.

In most cases, the inside and the outside are not tied together. When faced with a crack slab on the inside, exterior services will not help nor hurt any issues there. Conversely, addressing the inside concrete slab crack will not help nor hurt the outside. Generally speaking, the majority of the time the inside slab and exterior footings, and stem wall will not affect each other.

The majority of concerns from central Oklahomans—from Norman to Yukon to Edmond—looking for interior solutions come in the form of slab cracks. Not all slab cracks require repair. To properly evaluate it, though, the entire floor covering must be removed. Anything but having the floor covering removed would simply be guesswork.

Two common factors both structural engineers and foundation repair companies take into consideration when determining if a slab crack needs repair are the length and width of the crack and any elevation change created by the crack. If the width, length, and elevation of the crack(s) are drastic enough, then there are engineer-approved processes to repair or rectify it.

One of the more common services OFS, LLC and other foundation repair companies provide to address interior slab cracks is an engineering process referred to as floor stitching. Floor stitching is a multi-step process that takes the two sides of a crack, tying them together to become one. In the first part of the process, OFS, LLC crew members remove approximately four to six inches of concrete on each side of the slab crack. This is usually completed with a concrete saw or with a jackhammer. Once this concrete is removed, crew members drill and pin rebar as needed. Next, crew members pour new concrete where removed. The purpose of this process is to tie the interior concrete slab back to one piece as opposed to the separate pieces the slab crack created.

Middle of Process Floor Stitching – 

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Post Floor Stitching – 

Still, it is also important to note that sometimes, the slab cracks are so severe or prevalent that floor stitching is not a viable option. When this occurs, the service OFS, LLC provides is partial or complete interior slab replacement, which would involve the removal and concrete replacement of the entire slab or sections of the slab.

Whether it’s worrisome structural issues or concerns about comfort, OFS, LLC has long been the company to call when addressing the exterior foundation and interior slab issues. Call us or schedule a free consultation with us! We also provide foundation services for foundation cracks, block foundation repair and concrete foundation repair.