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After Foundation Repair: How Long Does it Last & What to Expect?

November 28, 2023 OFS Team No Comments

At OFS, we understand that foundation repair is a significant investment in the longevity and stability of your home. We recognize that uncertainties often go along with making the important decision about how to proceed. Questions arise about the recommended services, the details of the repair process, and what to expect after the work is […]

Steel Piers vs Concrete Piers Foundation Repair: Which Method is Better?

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True Story: During a recent evaluation at a home in Edmond, the customer informed us that work had been performed by a different foundation repair company in the past. The areas where the previous work was performed were showing signs of failure, and the customer chose us to fix the issues once and for all. […]

How To Repair Foundation Cracks?

October 20, 2023 OFS Team No Comments

Your home’s foundation may be the cornerstone of its stability, but the appearance of cracks can be a major cause of concern for homeowners. In this blog, we explain that foundation cracks can be addressed, different types of foundation cracks, and two of our main services that address these issues. Can Foundation Cracks In Home […]

The OFS Experience: Complete Customer Care

February 16, 2023 OFS Team No Comments

Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC’s co-owner and chief technician has decades of delivering high-quality results in the industry. The experienced crews have years of providing award-winning service as well. From start to finish, OFS provides complete customer care, and some experiences don’t fit nicely into a neat soundbite. However, the customers can tell you the whole […]

Neatness and Finishing Touches

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Oklahoma Foundation Solutions’ attention to detail shows a commitment to excellence both structurally and cosmetically. Dirty walls, mismatched caulking, mounds of dirt, debris scattered around the property–are just some of the results of many foundation repair jobs. They have become tolerable because of the nature of the industry. The home has to become a construction […]

Precision and Professionalism in Foundation Repair

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Through precise evaluations and better business practices, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions is becoming a leader and standard-bearer in the foundation repair industry. From the moment OFS arrives at a customer’s property for a free estimate, the customer knows they are receiving a genuine evaluation. Looking at the feedback and reviews from customers, it is clear that […]

Striving For Award-Winning Service

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Each year, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC (“OFS”) enhances both the structure of the home and the care for the customer. Providing the best foundation repair services is something continually sought after—from the opening, attentive response of the first call to the inspections that recommend only what is needed to the professional crew precisely repairing the […]

Safety Is the Top Priority at Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC

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A flashy before and after a set of pictures or a dramatically closed gap are luxuries in the foundation repair industry. They do not occur every day, however. In the dry, clay soil of Oklahoma where earthquakes were not uncommon just a few years ago, structural engineers across the state have suggested and stressed that […]

Slab Foundation Repair: Interior Slab Cracks

September 12, 2022 OFS Team No Comments

Thousands of customers and homes have trusted Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC as their foundation repair authority and experts. Whether it be the crawlspace of a home in a historic district, stabilizing the structures of an apartment complex in OKC, or renovating an entire basement, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC (“OFS, LLC”) has had both the precision […]