Crawl Space Repair Under the Guidance of Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC

Crawl Space Repair Under the Guidance of Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC
November 9, 2023

While most people think of the concrete stem walls or brick exterior walls when they think of foundation repair—and Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC (OFS) comprehensively evaluates those, too—another primary foundational structure to a home is those built with a crawl space. Whether to provide a buffer between grounds prone to flooding and the house itself or provide more convenient access points to run HVAC, electrical, or insulation, a home with a crawl space-based foundation has many benefits.

Still, crawl spaces are not without their drawbacks or problem areas. Inadequate support for the flooring and wood rot due to the dampened conditions can lead to one of the most common issues identified in homes with a crawl space: uneven, sloped, or spongy floors.

One of the most common causes of sloped or spongy floors in houses with crawl spaces occurs when the span between the center beam or center stem wall and the exterior stem wall is too great, and there is either no support or inadequate support between the span. Over time, the floor joists and framing can warp, which can cause sloped or spongy floors.

Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC has deployed its team of expert inspectors to homes with crawl spaces all across the state. The historic districts in OKC have had extensive evaluations and work done by OFS. The same can be said for those in Norman, Edmond, Stillwater, and numerous places. These obligation-free evaluations look at the signs, symptoms, and potential solutions for crawl space repair.OFS’s experienced and precise crew has been able to remedy a wide variety of issues, including the sloped and spongy floors.

The most common service foundation repair companies provide to address this issue is installing a pier and beam system between the center beam or center stem wall and the exterior stem wall. Our company’s pier and beam system is an engineered, approved process comprised of treated beams. Each treated beam is supported by three concrete block supports or three steel screw jacks placed on steel-reinforced, poured concrete bases. In some instances, the concrete block supports, or the steel screw jacks are placed on precast concrete floors.

The new support provided by a pier and beam system can usually, but not always, enhance the cosmetic appearance of the flooring by giving the impression of being more level. However, the primary intent of the installation of the pier and beam system is to protect against future movement or settling by stabilizing the affected areas.

Ultimately, the stabilization of the home and the flooring is the most important result of these repairs and engineer-approved processes. With the completion of these processes in a skillful manner in accordance with industry standards, Oklahoma Foundation Solutions, LLC will do everything to make sure the customer is happy in the end.

“My client and I met Noah at a property to evaluate the integrity of crawl space piers/cinder block supports. I was very impressed with his explanation of what he found and what he believed needed to be done to correct it. He seems very trustworthy and not someone who will oversell you. I would trust this company with any future foundation work needed.”

-Whitney S., Google Business Reviews